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[blank doll]LOVE.KOO
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[blank doll]LOVE.KOO


*Eye chips size - 12 mm

-For eyeballs, "blank type (with clear glass eye chips)" is the basic model.

*Wig size - 10.5 inches

-Tips for doll wigs
For 9-10 inch: well fit into the head, if you pull down the wig and rip it just a little bit
during the adjustment
For 10-11 inch: enough space available for the head
(Artist's advice: 9-10 inch wigs are highly recommended for better-looking hair )
*Neck diameter - 2.6cm

*What is unique about LOVE.KOO?

You can manage the opening and closure of the eyelids with sophistication by moving the gear on the back, without separating the head or taking off the wig.

You can also easily manipulate the gaze of the eyeballs at the front part.

Please beware that any coating or thinner pollutes the gear, while doing make-up on the
eyelid parts. (The eyelids might not move due to the distortion of the gear.)
If you press too hard when changing the eyeball's gaze, the eyeball device can break.

*You can also easily manipulate the gaze of the eyeballs at the front part.
(But please make sure that you don't put too much power on the eyeball parts during the adjustment, for preventing unfortunate breaking of the equipment.)

*LOVE.KOO's make-up can be easily preserved by separating its face from the head, so it's quite convenient to carry the doll.

composition of goods
-Assembled blank head (eyelids+ eyeballs + an eyeball device) with original body
-ice cream
-certificate of authentication

LOVE.KOO + KOO original body

>Koo size Data<

*Height - 31cm
*Chest circumference - 16.5cm
*Waist circumference - 16.5cm
*Hip circumference - 19.5cm
*Wrist circumference - 3cm
*Foot size - 2cm
*Ankle circumference - 3.5cm
*Arm length(from the shoulder point to the wrist) - 7.5cm
*Leg lenght(from the waist point to the ankle ) - 14cm
*Wig size - 10.5inches


*The skin colors can be slightly different in real from the pictures on the website as well as

each product due to its individual duplicated process.

***The balance of both eyelids of the doll may be different. (Both eyelids of the doll may be uneven in reality. 

***It is unalterable to cancel your order after you made order & payment.
***Please make your final order & payment with discretion